About Us

Welcome to Students Dominate Math. Students Dominate Math is a tutoring organization committed to assisting students to perform within a true college preparatory academic environment. At Students Dominate Math, we believe the ultimate measure of a child’s academic training is not a function of graduation rates, grade point averages or even tracking the colleges that our children are admitted to. Though the indicators above are important enough to be studied, the critical question that must be asked is, “How are our students performing within the top colleges and universities in the country.” The most important indicator that a child has received an excellent college-preparatory education is rooted in preparing our children to compete and perform well within their classes at the collegiate level, regardless the institution.

At Students Dominate Math, we motivate students to perform college work while in high school by first solidifying a strong foundation in basic math concepts and gradually providing students with a clear knowledge of more demanding topics. We are driven by high student performance within rigorous math topics because, “We Have Big Plans For Your Child!”