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    Mr. Hendricks

    *calculator permitted
    1) 2   *2)1.79     3) 3    *4) 2.73    4) 5    5) 1     6) 2    7) 2
    8)       9)  ln      10)  – ln x   11)  ln 25
    12)   ln 32 + 5 ln x + ln y   13)  ln 2 + 7 ln y – 3 ln x
    14)  ln 3 + ln x – ln 4 – 2 ln y  (be careful todistribute neg)
    15)  2.603   16)  2.406    17)  1627.8    18)  0.458
    19)   20)   21)  0.1  ohms   22) 0.044
    23)  r= 0.05 t   24)    25) 
    26)      26b)   (be careful todistribute neg)
    26c)    27)  x=   28)  x =, x=2
    29)   5    30) x=-1   x=3    30b)  (-3,0)  (5,4)  
    31-33)    See me for sketches.    34) circle, hyperbola,
    ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, parabola, circle, ellipse
    important: (don’t forget to study how to identify and sketch a line)
    20)  K      21)   B     22)   H      23)   B    24)     H



    I love this! Before I read it, I just “knew” the words by rote, but now I really know them bceause I see how the meaning is connected to the angles. Thanks for sharing. Denise recently posted..What Is a Proof? Reply



    You have to be careful with those sitatstics, because they do not tell the entire story. One of the greatest problems with the state Math test is that it assessed students on different skills than they were learning in class. Specifically, the state math test test a lot more on applying math skills to real-life situations (where math traditional math skills focused more on applying skills to equations and data) and on understanding how the equations work (where traditional math skills focused instead on memorizing and then using equations). So, over the past decade, math curriculum and the math assessment have both been changing frequently in an effort to meet each other somewhere in the middle.That said, I’m not saying all is peachy keen with the English skills of our students. I definitely think we can be doing better. We just need to be careful about how we present information, because in Washington State, our standards are already pretty high. Remember that if by Senior year, 39% of students have passed the math test, that means 61% don’t get a high school diploma. Is anyone ready to setup a system where more than half our student population will not get a diploma after 12 years of school?





    Hi again.Sorry to keep pestering you. These prlobems are tremendously helpful I guess no good deed goes unpunished.My question is about Problem 4. The map that you use is: u=(x-1)/4, v=(y-2)/9, but that doesn’t map onto the unit circle in the UV-plane. I think the right map is u=(x-1)/2, v=(y-2)/3 in other words, you’re putting u and v inside the square terms.The answer I got with this map is 6pi.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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