“I like the way you explain math.”
- Jasmine Holmes


“It was challenging at first, but when I asked questions, I began to understand what you were teaching.”
- DeAndre Banks


 “I want to thank you for the immense work you are doing with my child, Victoria Williams. You have helped her to be more confident and outspoken. Also, her understanding of algebra has improved greatly. You are the kind of educator we need more of.  THANK YOU…
-Mrs. Bryant


“You have no idea what your services mean to me and my children. You are a blessing. Thanks again!”
-Wilonda Cannon


“I want to inform you that all is well in college so far. I am taking no math classes currently because I have passed out of both Calculus 1 and 2 thanks to you.”
- Vanecia Gordon

“You taught me a lot and I feel that I learned so many things from you. I learned how to do math using mastery level understand which is good. Now when I go back to school, I know how to do math problems in more than one way.”
- Desirea Bailey


“I think you have been doing a great job teaching the math section of the program. I have been learning how to do a lot of things that I have not been taught at school. You have also helped bring some things that I have been taught earlier in my life back to my memory. You have taught us to keep pushing and trying and to never give up no matter if it is a math problem or any problem we have in life. So I just want to thank you for that and you should keep doing what you are doing.”
- Alphonzo French


“I had trouble with math, but you as my teacher, have taught me a lot this summer. God bless you.”
- Kiara Underwood


“I think you’re a good teacher and I can tell you’re passionate about what you do.”
- Nijima French


“In the last 8 years, 94% of my students have passed the College Board Calculus AB Advanced Placement Exam. In the last 6 years my classes have averaged a “4” out of “5” , passed out of Calculus and earned college credit for the class, while still in high school. This represents the results of real college preparatory instruction. This is the kind of results that our children deserve. At Students Dominate we have big plans for your children!”
- Eric Hendricks